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Below are examples of a workout from each program; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. The bolded and colored exercises are links to demo videos of the exercise.


750 Meter row, or a 5 minute walk, jog, or slow run

With a light pair of dumbbells and a kettlebell work through
3 Sets of:

3 Rounds:

5 Minutes rest before moving on to the strength and skill work

Strength and Skill:
4 Sets of:

3 Rounds:

Recovery: Your foam roller is your friend, an annoying friend who tells you the truth! Foam rolling will tell you where your muscles are healthy and where they need maintenance. Make sure to handle your muscle maintenance needs by spending at least 10 minutes rolling on all muscles that feel knotted up or achy. Watch the foam rolling instructional video for details.

Coach’s comments: The work today is broken into two sections. Between the two work sections is where we’re going to sneak in your strength and skill practice. Complete each of the work intervals as fast as you can, and try not to take any breaks during the 3 rounds. You’re going to dig a little deeper today and learn how to manage your energy output! Before starting the work sections, take the time to set up your equipment and space so that it’s easy to move directly from one movement to the other without stopping.

Instructional Videos:


Warm-up:500-meter row or 400-meter run at an easy pace

With a dowel, 3 sets of:

3 sets of:

500-meter row or 400-meter run at an easy pace

Strength and Skill:

4 sets of:

  • 8-10 parallel handle dips, 3 second hold at the top, 3 second negative, 1 second hold at the bottom before strongly driving or jumping back up.
  • Rest 60 seconds
  • 8-10 barbell bent over rows, 2 second hold at the top, 2 seconds negative and strongly pulling back up without pausing at the bottom.
  • Rest 60 seconds
  • 2 x 25’ Heavy farmer’s walk with 2 kettlebells or dumbbells
  • Rest 60 seconds


Total all of the reps and calories into a single entry for your logbook:

  • 4:00 row for max calories
  • Rest 60 seconds
  • 3:00 Max kettlebell swings (56 lbs. for men/35 lbs. for women)
  • Rest 60 seconds
  • 2:00 max goblet squats
  • Rest 60 seconds
  • 1:00 max barbell push press with 20-25% bodyweight

Recovery: Immediately following the tester, grab a foam roller and spend some time rolling your legs out, 3 minutes per leg is the bare minimum!

Coach’s comments: Testers like this aren’t sprints. The key to something like this is establishing a pace where you can remain constant all the way through. Every time you switch exercises you must find out what pace you can sustain for each individual movement.

Too often the recovery pieces get scrapped due to a lack of time. Don’t let this be you! The rehab pieces help keep you healthy and moving well.

Instructional Videos:


1000 Meter row at 50-60% effort

With a dowel or PVC,
4 Sets:

3 Sets,

6 Sets of:

3 Sets of:

1 Round:

Double unders with a repetition scheme of 5-10-15-20-25-30-35-40-45-50
Double unders with a repetition scheme of 50-45-40-35-30-25-20-15-10-5

Complete 5 wall ball after each double under set

Recovery: Spend 5-7 minutes on a foam roller, thoroughly roll the muscles of your legs and hips.

Coach’s Notes: For your skill work, if you cannot complete a front tuck to inverted hang, back up and work on your knees to elbows. Remember to engage your shoulders, your lats and your abdominal muscles as you pull yourself to an inverted, tuck position. You must keep your arms straight – bending your elbows completely ruins this movement. Try also not to use any momentum, no swing. Done properly the pull to inverted is a tremendous shoulder strength move. Lower yourself back down with control to hanging and attempt a skin the act. This is 1 set.

Your strength work today is a tough little triplet. Choose a dumbbell weight that is challenging for 6 repetitions of push-press. Your bench press weight should be challenging for 12 repetitions. You will find that it will not take much weight here to get your attention. Upon completion of your bench presses, move right into 25 repetitions of push-ups. Bam! Can you complete your push-ups unbroken, all 3 sets?

For your work section, you will complete 5 wall ball after each set of double unders. Essentially you will work your way up the ladder, then back down completing 5 wall ball after each double under set. It will look like this: 5 double under, 5 wall ball, 10 double under, 5 wall ball, 15 double under, 5 wall ball etc…up and then down the ladder. There is no rest.

Instructional Videos:

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