The moveSKILL levels are a series of goals created to guide your progress as you improve your physical ability. These goals help you to identify areas of your fitness that need improvement. Spending some of your training time working on your weak areas will allow you to stay healthy and become very fit.

Each moveSKILL level is divided into three sections; A, B, and C. Read through the levels and sections in order, looking for specific skills you are not able to accomplish. The section where you run into trouble is the place to focus your training.



You are a MoveSkill Beginner athlete if you cannot yet pass the beginner level test , and are following the beginner level workouts.

In the MoveSkill system, beginners are people who are essentially healthy but have no real athletic ability. If you find that basic exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups and short runs are difficult or impossible, you are a beginner.

Here are some specific examples of abilities which fall into the beginner range and when we start to consider you an intermediate athlete:

Bodyweight squats - The beginner range starts with people unable to do any squats, perhaps having hips too tight to even get into the right position. You are no longer a beginner when you are able to perform bodyweight squats as shown in the video, in one non-stop set of 30 repetitions. To troubleshoot your bodyweight squats, and hear an explanation of technique watch this Bodyweight squat technique video.

Push-ups - Many people are unable to perform push-ups with good form. Watch the demonstration video to see what we consider to be a proper push-up. You are no longer a beginner when you are able to perform four continuous push-ups as shown. To troubleshoot your push-up and hear an explanation of technique, watch this Push-up technique video.

• Sit-ups - This movement is often performed in a way that does not fully engage the abdominal muscles. A weak abdominal wall is responsible for many movement problems. Watch the demonstration to see the technique and range of motion we are looking for. You are no longer a beginner when you are able to do sit-ups as shown, for 20 repetitions in one non-stop set. To troubleshoot your sit-up and see an explanation of technique, watch the Sit-up technique video.

Kettlebell swings - This movement, when done properly, is a great tool for developing proper hip mechanics as well as the ability to work hard. You are no longer a beginner when you are able to perform the movement as demonstrated for 20 repetitions per set. Women should be able to work with an 8 Kg kettlebell or larger. Minimum weight for men is 12Kg. For an in depth explanation of the kettlebell swing watch the Kettlebell swing technique video.

• Running - The ability to run an important part of fitness. You are no longer a beginner when you are able to sustain a running pace for 1.5 miles. We are not overly concerned with speed at this point. The goal is to be able to maintain a 9:20/mile pace for 14 minutes or more..

• Weightlifting - At the beginner stage we learn basic lifting techniques and start laying a foundation for further strength gains. Weightlifting is not in itself a goal for us, but weights are useful tools for learning body control and the ability to generate force. You are no longer a beginner when you are able to perform 8 light deadlifts with a neutral spine and proper hip motion, 8 light barbell back squats also maintaining a neutral spine and proper hip motion, and 8 light military press showing proper shoulder engagement. For an explanation of technique watch the military press technique video , the back squat technique video and the deadlift technique video.

If you feel that you may be in the beginner range take the Beginner level test , if you know you are not ready for that test, start training with our Beginner level workouts.

MoveSkill programming for beginners addresses basic joint stability, being able to move hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists and ankles through their full ranges of motion pain free and with control. Following the beginner workouts will guide you to a basic level of strength in all of the fundamental movement patterns, help you develop some basic work capacity, and prepare you to move on to the intermediate level.



You are a MoveSkill fitness athlete when you have passed the beginner level test and are following fitness level workouts.

Fitness athletes in the MoveSkill system are people who have started to develop general physical fitness. You have developed the ability to produce some muscular force and can sustain some level of work output. At the fitness level you have also developed basic joint stability, meaning the ability to actively engage hips, shoulders, and trunk while under a load and moving.

Performing bodyweight movements such as sit-ups, push-ups and squats is becoming relatively easy for you. Challenges for you now include harder bodyweight movements like pull-ups, dips and holding a handstand.

When using barbells and dumbbells for strength training being able to lift a weight equal to your bodyweight is one useful benchmark. Another goal, perhaps more important to your long-term health than the first, is to be able to move your joints through their full ranges of motion while under a load. An example of full range of motion movement is being able to squat, with a barbell on your shoulders, all the way down until the back of your legs contact your calves, while keeping your back straight through the whole movement. As you begin training at the MoveSkill fitness level you may not yet be able to lift your bodyweight, especially in the shoulder press, and you may not yet be able to reach your full range of motion in all the movements. You have learned the proper movement patterns though, and are able to properly execute barbell squats, deadlifts and military presses.

As an fitness athlete you can do some hard work. You have developed heart, circulation and breathing systems to the point that you are able work hard and continuously for up to 30 minutes and may be able to sustain easier work for much longer.

For a detailed list of fitness goals refer to MoveSkill fitness level.



You are a MoveSkill performance athlete when you have passed the fitness level test and are following the performance level workouts.

People in the performance category of general physical fitness have demonstrated the ability to effectively use athletic movement patterns, to produce considerable force, and to work hard. These people are so strong that all of the basic callisthenic movements are easy.

Performance MoveSkill athletes are beginning to practice complex movement patterns and specific athletic skills. They are learning and becoming good at activities such as; olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, basic gymnastic strength training, sprinting, agility, and tumbling.

Training at the MoveSkill performance level is characterized by using increasingly complex skills and combinations of previously mastered movements. You are working towards the ability to adapt to nearly any situation you may find yourself in. Whether skiing down a steep tree covered slope, lifting your sleeping child, building a rock wall, or flying over the handlebars of a bicycle, life throws complex challenges at us and your training should reflect this complexity.

For a detailed list of performance level goals refer to MoveSkill performance level.

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